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We are at the beginning of the most radical transformation of our food industry since the Internet Tech boom. From sensors and software that help food manufactures to innovate new product categories, improve margins by optimizing resources, to crowdfunding that help food artisans kick-start their own businesses, thru Big Data, Blockchain and apps that allow consumers to make more informed choices at the time of cooking or consumption.

There has been an explosion of startups and innovators who are disrupting how food is produced, distributed, sold and consumed. We launched, Ram Chitra to bring the home style cooked (healthy) food in everyones’ hand using the technologies to connect the manufactures with the consumers in an efficient manner. Our aim is to inspire, innovate and accelerate investments as part of the “Feed All with Good Food Movement”. Through our software solution stack and consulting services, we help companies understand the top food technologies, investment opportunities and the innovation trends available today.


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